How to build a connection

✔  Conversation skills crash course

✔  Learn beyond theories and concepts

✔  100+ practice scenarios

✔  Connect with others better

Get stuck talking about the weather?

People often give us hints on what interests them. Learn to spark engagement by listening and targeting value topics. Take the conversation on a deep dive.

Conversations only last 60 seconds?

Do what charismatic people do to get others feeling connected. Build out a dynamic social interaction and attract others to want to talk to you.

Don’t know how to start a conversation?

Don’t want to start a conversation awkwardly? Learn to pick out a context or use your environment to start a conversation with anyone organically and in any setting.

Draw blanks when it's your turn to speak?

People always have things they’re passionate to talk about if you dig further. Listen for the hidden message from what they say. When you respond with interest and understanding, you’ll never run out of things to say.

Not sure how to apply the advice? 

Yes, we know we need to listen and add more to the conversation, but how? This is a practical program focusing on the “how” when it comes to building rapport.

Program overview

social skills program
  • Start conversations organically
  • Do what charismatic people doCreate a dynamic conversation. Talk and share more. Help people feel comfortable. Handle dry responses from others.
  • Move past small talksAsk captivating questions. Take the conversation on a deep dive
  • Learn to read people betterListen for the hidden messages. Understand what people are actually saying
  • Create a connectionRespond to the hidden messages and spark engagement

Key outcome

Hands-on practice

Practice is the main way to learn a skillset effectively, think of learning to drive. Reading tips are all nice and well until we forget about them. Information will only stick through practice.

Learn the pattern

Understand what makes a great conversation and learn the conversational pattern that charismatic people use.

Step-by-step roadmap

Strategic roadmap filled with practical scenarios to improve your social skills and build rapport; strategies that can be applied in conversations and social interactions.

How it works


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Develop the skills to build rapport and hold great conversations

Win over people 

  • Better relationships at work leading to more opportunities and a more enjoyable working experience
  • A fuller social life
  • Stronger friendships
  • Deeper relationships with family
  • Easier to meet people and make new friends
Meet new people and make friends

Ready to elevate your social skills?

  • Advance your people skills
  • Develop charisma
  • Hold captivating conversations
  • Build rapport